HaKaTa Hyakkaten Episode 4 [Subtitle Indonesia]

HaKaTa Hyakkaten

HaKaTa Hyakkaten (original title: HaKaTa百貨店) was a variety TV show featuring members from HKT48. 
The show was hosted by HKT48 member Sashihara Rino and aired on NTV from October 2012 to March 2013.
The show features HKT48 members as “products” in a store (hence the title, “Hakata Department Store”).
Each show a different guest (a member of AKB48 or one of their sister groups) is the “customer”,
who must choose her oshimen from within the members.
Host Sashihara Rino acts as salesperson, suggesting “products” to the “customer”.
The group members take part in different competitions in order to convince the guest to choose them as oshimen.
At the end of each episode, the guest announces her oshimen and awards her a badge with the guest’s picture on it.
Then Sashihara, the guest and the oshimen chosen by the guest go out to eat at a restaurant in Hakata.

Translator : Genesiz 
Typesetter : Cyclone
Upload : Xzoneroot
Encode : Xzoneroot


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